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I've got a story in my pocket and a bag full of apples. I'm rewriting this fairy tale whether you like it or not.

32 years old, Anglo/Cubanoamericana, Rökkatru, fat, kinky, poly, mentally ill, and queer. They/them/theirs or she/her/hers. Fandom, social justice, and random pagan/heathen content. Sometimes fic happens.

Before anyone gets any bright ideas: the god I worship and the character I fangirl over (and sometimes roleplay) are two very different guys who happen to share the same name.

I have an amazing and wonderful partner with whom I hope to spend the rest of my life, as well as a nice married couple I'm dating, and someone else I'm intensely platonic with.

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On Elementary:
  • Jaqui: And yeah, I'm really excited for it, and I want to see how they handle a female Watson.
  • Because both the more recent Sherlock adaptations kind of FAIL at women.
  • Irene specifically.
  • She's a badass, except, no, wait, she's in LOOOOOOOOOOVE with Sherlock and that makes her weak and also she's Moriarty's pawn.
  • And I actually kind of loved both Irenes, but she deserves better.
  • Mat: yeah.
  • I really hope they don't end up going romantic with Sherlock and Watson, though. SO worried about that.
  • Jaqui: Yeah. I wouldn't mind some UST, because... it's Sherlock and Watson.
  • Mat: yes.
  • Jaqui: I wouldn't even mind platonic snuggles.
  • Mat: but your usual romancey shit? no.
  • Jaqui: Yeah.
  • Also, if Irene shows up and Watson becomes a jealous bitch?
  • That will be my FUCK YOU NO moment for the series.
  • I will throw shit and possibly even find a table for the purpose of flipping it.
  • Mat: FUCK YES
  • honestly, I'd almost like if Irene and Watson got on nicely and SHERLOCK got jealous.
  • Jaqui: YES PLEASE.